Hot rice wrap "Rara-riso"

Heat has long been associated with comfort and relaxation but it can also bring natural pain relief and healing benefits.
Heat therapy with a "Hot rice wrap" is effective and inexpensive.

Heat therapy works by dilating the blood vessels of muscles so increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients which help to heal the damaged tissue.
Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, so decreasing the transmission of pain signals to the brain and partially relieving discomfort.

Heat is effective against pains like: menstrual pain, stomach and back pain and especially neck pain. Heat therapy will also alleviate chest pain in bronchitis.

The Hot rice wrap Rara-riso can be quickly heated and placed on the painful site to receive immediate relief.

In addition little children love to hold something warm and soft in bed which also stimulates peaceful sleeping.

Rara-riso rice wrap has no metal parts and is therefore not dangerous in a bed.

You can also use it to simply warm a cold and damp bed and you will still feel it warm in the morning.

Rara-riso rice wrap can be heated in a microwave but also in a ventilated oven - with care.

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